The Laptop incidentMature

She minimises the convo on msn, closes the webcam and quickly shuts the laptop, automatically putting it on standby as we sit in anticipation to hear the latest gossip.

Amazed at what we have just heard and sworn to secrecy she opens the laptop back up and continues chatting away.

'Noooooooooooooooo" the convo reads

Don't doooooo it!!!!Pleaaase"

She looks at us. We look at her. Everyone looks at each other as nervous laughter errupts in the room.

"Naah can't be?! she says, biting the side of her lip.

The five of us are staring dumbly at the msn convo as it reads

'How could you. I trusted you'

She types 'What you talking about?'

He types back 'Don't lie to me. I know you told them'

'Just tell him we were talking about food', suggests one of the girls.

He replies 'Why is she calling me a fool for! Nah man I trusted u'

At this point, something surely doesn't seem right.

She checks to see if the webcam is disconnected, which it is. She looks at us, we look at her.

What could it be? He can't have possibly heard her telling us, could he?

"Just use reverse psychology", I said.

'Don't even think about listening to her' he replies.

WTF! Okay now we definitely know somethings up. She examines the laptop, lifting it up, looking underneath it, frantically touching the sides, the cover, scanning the keyboard..

SHITT she shouts..


What now? Any guesses on what the gossip was about?

The End

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