"A storm in a teacup."

That was a saying that always made him think fondly of happier moments from is own childhood where everything that was seen impossible could be put aside with an expression and a few cuddles from his mum.

She had passed away this spring.

A blessing in desguise for the prolong ilness had been too much to endure in the end.

For him!

But the sweet memories from is childhood where starting to surface over the period of grieve that followed her death!

Now he could actually go by in a day and just remenber her happy and not ill!

With a mug of hot coffee in his hand,he stood near the sink overlooking the harbour below.

A firshman by trade all his life he could smell the good weather in the air,but lately something had started to bothered him!

He wasn`t uneducated,he new that his days of catching fish where numbered and wiselly a few years back he had started to buy any boats that his fellow firsmen had put aside for either age or no-one to pass the trade to.

And with a thought in mind and after discussing his plans with his mother,the remaning thing to do was arrange for a meeting with his bank.

The loan had been approaved on the very morning she had died,but gladly she was still alive when he told her.

At least he could be grateful for that!

Today,he stood here in her  house,a house he hadn`t lived since he bought his own from the money he got from his living.

Today he came here to pack her things,soon a new family would live here,they had already sign  a tenacy agreement.

"A storm in a teacup."

Indeed,she maybe have been right in the past,but where he was concern this feeling he had for the past few months that something was terribly wrong wouldn`t go away!

Tomorrow he would take his boat out,maybe in the water he could find some answers.

For now he had packing to do,he poured the now cold coffee in the sink,rinsed the mug under the tap out of habit and went up.

The End

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