The water below

There was a sense of happiness in the water as childrens laughter is heard in the morning air.

Summer is here,school is out for the next three months and as far as you can see the land belongs to them.

To explore,to conquer like their forefathers had done before them.

There was a  time where pirates  travelled  in the sea before their eyes in this very same waters they bathed in.

Under this surface where many still dive in search of treasure but  all they encounter is fish and coral reef.

And freedom.

A freedom to be a child and grow in a familiar surronding that if one is lucky it shall be pass down for the next generations to see and share alike.

If one is lucky!

Under the waves that where`nt too  strong today, Polly was swimming.

Already forgetting her panick attack from yesterday or even the promise she  made to herself about trying to conquer her own fears of animals!

Today,she was free of  the manual labour imposed to her by her grandparents when free of school hours!

Today,she did what she loved the most and to be quite honest and without bragging,she did the best!

She dived under the blue water that where still cool enought to refresh her heated skin but not cold enought to make her come out after  a few minutes in.

The sun above her was warm and bright,so bright that when hitting the surface of the ocean created mirror images of rainbows!

Beautiful as well as peacefull and still she preferred the quiteness of the water beneath her,around her.

Capable of holdind her breath under water for more than two minutes,Polly was eagger to swim near the coral reefs!

Making sure she was kept in the views of the life guard she waved to  him and getting a waved back she singeld  that she would dive for a few minutes and held her fingers up in the air to show for how long.And he singeld back and ok ,by nodding.

With the knowledge that someone knew where she was in case of anything should  happen,she dived under...


The End

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