The children of the land

From the begining of dawn until the sun seats  people far and wide came to this place in search of the sweet questions that elludes all all.

"What am I here for,Lord ?"

In this church where many had married,and the not so fortuned had  fine they resting grounds.

A  few linger back after the service to speak to those they hadn`t see throught out the week.

Invitations for an after meal or a game down at the football field was heard into the afternoon and you could see how the community was strong in friendship.

Bonds that throught generations would claim marriages among them or work ventures.

But it was plain to see to any outsider this was a strong community,that they cared for one another!

The chuch bells played on as if to say "Time to go home!".

Polly was there.

On the outside looking at her family gathered her today,for the service that had just taken place as  they did every sunday since she could recall.

Now almost at the end of her childhood and the frightening begining of womenhood she stayed glued to this  spot and paid attention to the people she grew to know alll  her live and wonder at the sheer joy she had granted to have been born with so much!

She new what she wanted to study when she had to leave the insland for university ,but that was mercifully still a few years down the road,for now she had a few fears closer to home than leaving her loves one behind!

Today she would attempt to give the calf some hay!

A dread feeling passed trought her spine!Sweat stared to form and her heart raced  for a couple of minutes, fear preventing  her from taking any breath in!

Panicking,she tried to speak and found she couldn`t !

"Breath.Just breath."

Her brain tried to tell her,it is only a panic attack!

But Polly was inside her own nightmare and she couldn`t reasson  why animals scared her so much!

Someone shouted her name across the yard and that prevented the attack to get any worst.

"Polly ,come and say goodbye to the priest.We`re going home."

 At the same time from the other side of the yard another child less fortuned than Polly was looking at all of them with regret in his eyes.Holding to the hand of his mother.

He missed his daddy!

Mary Anne had decided to try and give her son some reasurance that everything was back to normal,but how could it be ?

Where in this ground was buried the very reasson to remind them of all they had lost ?

Her hand firmly gripped her sons smaller one and gently pulled him away from the warm of the community.

There was nothing here for them,only a sense of lost!

The End

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