The soil of this land was rich and provided for most of the basic necessities of its inlanders.

For their stock as well for themselfs.It was a blissfull place to grow food and allow yourself to relax and just smile in hew of the God good plan for human kind!

Little did they new of what was happening beneath their feet!

In insight one would see that in this land one was given an opportunity to wake up to their responsabilities on the planet and life itself!

But that would come later when all had passed.

For now the ocean was slowly but surely warming up and the clock for disaster was ticking fast...

On this day somthing happened that had  no particular importance for our story .

A calf was born in the hills far from its owner barn.Next to a place that will become important to all of us here  involved,but going back to the calf,she was born here on this land in this day of all days and the only difference related to this birth is the one who watch it happen!

The little calf mother was paying little or no attention to the little girl half in half out of the gate at the end of the field.

She had more pressing matter`s at hand!

And with a final push the calf came into this world.

"Oh!So pretty." She said and the cow look her way almost as if agreeing with her.She whished she wasn`t so afraid of the animals that her grandfather owned in the farm,but saddly she was.

From beneath all the remains of the afterbirth a calf emerged and a connection was formed.

This little girl and calf looked at each other one with hope,the other with wonder,both looking for something.

" Polly !Polly! Where are you ?Dinner is being served."

As her name was shouted over and over again,from the sea a wind blew and hers was heard far and wide,soon her name would be known all over the world... 

Underneath this fast land far below the seasurface the water was gaining warm that was unheard of,soon very soon the effects would start to show.

 For now the very first woorrying sign was the bleaching of the corals. 

The End

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