Mary Anne

She had heard this song in the radio while doing the dishes,it was the beginning of the day and she had put the radio on when entering the room as her hand went automatically for the light at her right end.

Another day in this land that offered her so little and yet had taken so much!

Some times she asked herself why she had bothered to come back in the first place,but has soon as the thought registered in her mind she saw the picture her son had put with a magnet in the door of the fridge!

It was what his father would have wanted,so she was here again after having left swearing she would make her way out there in the big world and leave any remanining dust from this place in her shoes as she walked in that plane!

Several years later she was back ,less cocky ,more mature with a five year old who still believed in magic and a lot of heartache in the bottom of her stomach!

But life  had move on since the day she had open the front door of her house to receive a  letter from the state with sincere apologises and a contact number in case she needed!

What she needed was for that letter never to have arrived,for the person on the other side of that door that day to be the same man she had married on a summer`s day,for the same man she now saw in that  five year old to be alive and well.

But sadly that wasn`t going to happen!

He had died,she was here in a place she didn`t want to be because of a dying man last letter to his family written on his last day on earth.

Some inlanders would say it was meant to happen and fate had made her come home.

" Rubbish!All utterly rubbish!"

She thought but then this song came on the radio and part of her that still wanted to believe in something,left the dishes soaking in the sink and move to the window here she remained  looking out to the sun raising in the horizont and she listen to the lyrics and she remenbered that once she had it all...

In the background the Killers "Human",played on.

The End

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