The Land Where The Normal People Can't Go

Li is not normal.

I pushed the portal open, landing in a sunny field covered in flowers. Ahh, My Land.

"Haley where are you?"I asked.

A little girl who had curly hair, yellow eyes, and a chubby belly appeared.

"What do you need of me my queen?"she said bowing before me.

"I need you to go get Arthur. I want him to show me where the new school is being built."

"Do you have exact words Mam?"

"No, tell him to hurry. That's all."

"Okay, tell Arthur to go to mum when he's done."she told me then dissapeared.

"I really need a bench"I thought and almost instantly a bench came into view.

I layed down on it and fell into the portal to go back home.

The End

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