The Land of the Not Lost Yet Incredibly Directionally Inefficient and Slightly Xartisiphobic

Yes, the story is a sort of a take off of the new Land of the Lost movie (Xartisiphobia is [roughly] the fear of maps.) I thought it might be interesting to see how the movie would be if written by you (yes, YOU!) people! We'll make it Linear so that its more challenging. Right now, it is NOT checked as Mature.

Dr. Rick Marshall was sitting quietly in his chair. Holding his slice of pizza in his mouth, he scribbled some comments across the student's paper. The young boy was very bright for his age. Marshall knew he would be an asset to the class that first day, when he was the only one that actually shut up while his teacher was talking.

Regardless of how much he despised his other students, he had to grade them fairly. Then again, it wasn't going to help them much, especially when the class average was a D-.

But he didn't need to think about that. He had only three papers left to grade, then he could work on his (creatively named) Time Machine! It used quartz vibrations to create a tiny rift in the dimensional fabric of time and space.

Obviously, getting all the quartz he needed was not easy. After spending thirty million dollars on the research portion of his experiment, it was going to be quite a streneous process to obtain the amount of quartz he needed. Plus, he had to keep some extra for his return trip.

That was a thought for tomorrow, though. He had not yet made the final adjustments to his invention, and those needed to be finished before he could think about gathering fuel. Of course, it would help if somebody actually studied and he didn't need to correct all the mistakes on his students' papers.

The End

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