The Land of the Falling Stars

A story about the dream world.

My whole life I’ve been a fraud. I’m not exaggerating. I have seen and done so many things, but then I look back…and see all of the lies I told. A long time ago, I disappeared from the world for an entire week. Yes, an entire week! I told everyone that I had run away to escape the pressures of life, but that was a complete and utter lie. Instead, I went to the dream world. Allow me to explain.

Anyone can go to this world I speak of, but you must find it in the dead of night. In the middle of the night, at the stroke of midnight to be exact, you will awake to an ear-piercing clangor. In your childlike curiosity, you will venture outside and discover the biggest train you will ever see. This exclusive and marvelous train will take you away to the place where all your dreams come true. But let me confirm that you must be chosen in order to find this glorious train; something about your life must be unique and special. The possibilities of you waking to that train are contingent…but not impossible.

            Do not be afraid, don't think twice, or you might never see that train again. Get on the train before it's too late and just ignore the dreary children that get on the train with you, because some of them don’t even know where you’re going either.

            By now you think I'm lying; you might think this is all a joke… But it's not. I'm tired of being a fraud. Do not mistake my description for a specious caricature.

            The train will carry you off into the night, away from reality, to the world of dreams. This land is too complex to explain. I just hope that, when summarizing it, I do not leave out any of its luster or beauty. The Land of the Falling Stars, as this land is called, is a paragon of florid vividness. You will be enthralled by its perfection and beauty, and your senses will be enhanced to a degree that you have never known. You will be satiated by the happiness and joy that accompanies this world and all of your wildest dreams become true. Even the saddest of people become scintillating models of liveliness after experiencing the vigor of their own dreams. And people who even only visit this place once, develop cupidity to return to this stunning land of dreams. The only downside is that you must return to the real world before dawn.

            But you must understand this. The Land of the Falling Stars is palpable,but only if you believe it is. If you don't believe, you will never experience its eternal happiness, its soaring spirit. You will never be able to live in the reality of your sweet dreams.

But even in this beautiful and peaceful land you must always be on your guard. For in this land their lives a deleterious and pernicious denizen. It is an all-too-real enemy only known as the Death Angel. It is the adversary of dreams and the companion of nightmares. Do not be fooled by its kindness, for the monster tries to impose as a friend but is a wolf in sheep's clothing. No one knows for certain what happens when you come across the king of nightmares, but they do know this: you're never seen or heard from again.

So tonight, when you go to bed, listen out for that train and the winsome voice that sings:

Sleep, dear child, and nod your head,

As your soul jumps from your bed,

And quickly run down to one of the train cars,

And I'll take you away to the Land of the Falling Stars.

The End

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