"Shorty, hand over the map. I gotta know where we're going." The cat-girl-thing demanded, not slowing her stride in the slightest.

"No!" cried Aurora, pulling the scrap of paper in close. "This is my map! Get your own!"

"Sic her, Fluffy."

As the lizard turned its hungry gaze on Aurora, and--Matt swore he saw it--smiled, familial bonds kicked in and Matthew shook off Anna's hand, choosing to step between his sister and the reptilian monster. "Ah... I don't think that's necessary. Aurora, give the girl the map. Obviously she knows this place better than we do."

"That's right. I know everything better than you do." added Anna, gazing back to investigate what was causing the sudden hold-up.

"Pfft! I bet you don't even know the average lifetime of a worm!"

"What the hell do worms have to do with anything?! The fact that you even pay attention to that stuff proves you know nothing!"

"Your mom knows nothing!"

"Your face knows nothing!"

"Girls, girls..." intervened Matt. His chivalry and kindness were rewarded by getting a badly-aimed kick from his sister and having Anna shove him out of the way. Well, perhaps the latter was an act of mercy. Fluffy trotted over to sniff at him before turning back to what looked to be turning into the fight of the century.

"Er, excuse me..." All three youths whipped around, both females looking as if they were ready to rip the newcomer to shreds. Instead of a new contender, however, what stood before them was a child, her eyes wide with fear. "Do I... know you? Or me? Or... anyone?"

"Stace-Stace!" cried Anna, her countenance suddenly changing from fierce to mothering. "Ah, Stacey, what are you doing here?! And where's your brother?"

The child stood where she was, however, switching her weight nervously from foot to foot. "Um, is my name Stacey? And I have a brother...?"

"Oh, for the love of..." The cat-girl laid her forehead on one hand for dramatic effect, then turned her gaze past the child whose name was, apparently, Stacey. "Tracey?! Is there a kid named Tracey out there, possibly who seems to be encountering amnesia? If so, follow my voice! Get over here, freak!"

There was a silence during which both Wyrm children gave each other confused glances, then, nervously, another child at about the same age of the first poked his head through the trees. "Er, I don't know about my name, but--Stacey!"

"Tracey!" called the other in delight. "I remember everything now!"

"Me too!"

Another silence, another confused glance, then the two newcomers dashed up the girl who reunited them. "Anna!" they cried with glee. Matthew did a double-take, noticing that the two children looked so similar that, if one didn't pay enough attention, it was often hard to tell them apart despite their differing genders.

Matthew and Aurora glanced nervously at each other again as the other three shared in their group hug. It would not be their last nervous glance, either.

The End

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