The W.H.A.

"Fluffy? Fluffyyy..."

Matt twitched, the call awakening him from his slight shock at having a rather huge lizard spreading its saliva all over him. The reptile paused, pawed at him like a playful dog, then resumed licking as Matthew lay still, once again temporarily paralyzed.

"Fluff--Fluffy! There you are!" There was the sound of feet--human feet, it seemed, though Matt couldn't be sure; At least the voice was human--walking lightly on grass. As the footsteps approached, the voice came again. "Wait... what are those? People? Ew, Fluffy, don't eat that! How long have they been laying there?"

The lizard-thing was shoved out of the way and replaced by a slightly-concerned human face. Well, mostly human. Matt couldn't help noticing that the girl's ears were pointy and placed rather high on her head, and her eyes were a prominent blood-red. She leaned closer, her nose twitching. It took Matthew a moment to realize what was happening--she was sniffing him, for God's sake!

That was enough to send Matthew scrambling away, and it was then that he noticed his sister, leaning on a tree a few feet away and looking at the reptilian... thing... with interest. "Aurora! What, were you just going to leave me there?!" he snapped.

Ignoring him, Aurora muttered something, then spoke up. "Er... what kind of lizard is that, cat-girl?" she asked the not-quite-human, "Gila monster? Komodo dragon?" She frowned, squinting. "Tyrannosaurus rex?"

The mysterious girl narrowed her eyes for a moment, then, with a rather over-dramatic swish of her blonde hair (At least, Matthew thought so) she turned her back on both siblings. Matthew could now see something else strange about the situation--cat-girl seemed to be a cat-girl after all, as a rather fluffy white tail was protruding from the bottom of her skirt. "Does Fluffy look like a dinosaur to you, Shorty?" she replied haughtily. "No. He's a gecko. A very large example of his kind, of course." The "gecko" trotted up and rubbed against her legs like a cat, as if on cue. "Like I've said, that's Fluffy. I'm Anna. You're Shorty. Who's the other dude?"

She didn't turn around, but Matt assumed that she was speaking of him. "Um... I'm Matthew. Where, um... where on earth are we?"

"Earth? Never heard of it." replied Anna, lifting one clawed hand to scratch her head.

"Ah, so we're not in Kansas anymore..." purred Aurora thoughtfully, reaching down to pick one violet-and-neon-green flower. "Should have guessed." She really must have been entranced, for she didn't even seem to have any qualms about being called "Shorty."

"We were never in Kansas." corrected Matthew, unable to resist.

Anna glanced over her shoulder, frowning. "Yeah, never heard of that either. Fluffy and I should be going, again. Seeya, Shorty. Whatsyourname too." Then, under her breath, "I've gotta get away from that place. Should have bought a map..."

"Right!" cried Aurora. Before Matt could ask what was exciting her, she reached into her jean pocket and pulled out the map they had found in the blank diary. As Anna and her oversized pet walked away, Matt paced over to where Aurora was studying the mysterious piece of paper. "Here's the blinky red dot again, and look! There's a blinky green dot right on top of us!"

"There was that note, too, but I don't have it with me..." muttered Matthew, already giving up his attempt at making sense of anything and approaching this new adventure as he would a particularly odd dream. "Aremis T. Wyvern... that's who signed it, righ--?"

Both siblings backed away a few steps as they came to the realization that a somewhat-feline-human was now standing over them, fists clenched as she focused on the map, serious all of a sudden. "Aremis T. Wyvern, you said?"

"Um... uh-huh..." replied Matthew, trying to recover from the sudden invasion of personal space.

"Great. Let's go, Whatsyourname. This is a job for the W.H.A."

"Wait--what?" Matthew backed up nervously against a tree, keeping one arm on a branch to steady himself. "Go where? And--what--W.H.--what does that even stand fo--"

"Do. Not. Ask." Matt nodded fearfully as Anna turned her glare on him. "We're going." And with that she took both Matt and Aurora's hands, half-leading, half-dragging them to wherever-it-was-she-was-going.


The End

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