Cartography and the Science of Blinking Dots

Despite Aurora's wariness of the two AWOL scraps of paper, sibling rivalry kicked in almost immediately and she snatched the bigger one once it was clear that Matthew wasn't giving up on them. Giving her a slightly annoyed look, Matthew straightened himself up, forgetting about the threat of the librarian for a moment, and took a look at his own piece of paper. Having read it once, he blinked twice and shook his head three times. But when he read it again, it was the same. One word and a signature. This book had a serious lack of content.


--Aremis T. Wyvern

He turned to inform his sister of the odd message, but found her leaning against the shelf and muttering things under her breath as she studied the paper. "Aurora?" he leaned closer so that he could hear exactly what it was that she was saying.

"South Dakota? No. North? No. Brazil? No. London? No. Australia...?" She squinted at the piece of paper. "...Possibly."

"That's not Australia," corrected Matthew automatically, eyeing the map. "And look--the whole thing's in black and white, except for that one red dot. What is it...?"

The dot disappeared. Much to his own embarrassment, Matthew yelped, lost his balance, and was sent straight towards the disgusting carpeting. "Quiet down back there!" came a snarling voice, so unlike the one the siblings had heard earlier. Aurora jumped, then muttered something about multiple personalities.

"Wh-What is that?!" cried Matthew, ignoring the librarian's growl despite her voice's hideous transformation.

"A blinking dot," replied Aurora matter-of-factly, looking at the map with slight interest now.

"A blinking dot... on a piece of paper?!"

"Oh, you're right. That is strange. Hmm..." Aurora held up the scrap to the light, studying one feature that could have been a mountain range. "In fact, this whole thing is kinda--"

With that, Aurora and Matthew were gone. One could say they had been saved by the map, as the librarian was now stomping towards the Donated Books section with all the fierceness of an ogre, but they new better. Because where they were now, something large, green, and toting pointy teeth was licking their faces.

The End

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