The Old Rotten Man In The Old Rotten Shop


     After school Stacy and her friends walked to her house and told her parents of what had happened. Her parents were shocked at what had happened. Stacy's Mom said “Oh! I'm so sorry that happened honey, you go to the store with your friends.” she handed her some money and continued, “You can get some new glasses and something for you and your friends.” She smiled warmly and hugged Stacy.

     After Stacy and her friends set up the party they got Stacy's glasses, they were blue with brown flowers and vines along the sides. Once they got the glasses they went to and antique store next door that everybody called 'The Scare Shack' , it sure looked like it. They walked inside, it was old and sad, but it had a hopeful feeling to it. The walls were covered in cobwebs, the floorboards were creaking, it looked as thought the ceiling was going to cave in, and the man at the counter looked just as old and broken. He must have been one hundred at least, he had a long white beard and pale skin. He spoke in a raspy harsh voice. There was a young boy, maybe six or seven. He wanted one of five crystal spheres in a set of six. One of the spheres was on a chain around the shopkeepers neck. The man looked over the young boy his eyes squinted and full of anger. He yelled at him "You think you are worthy of the power within this sphere? You are making a mockery of me, GET OUT!" The boy ran out crying, the man had scared him half to death. Stacy bravely approached the counter, she had already decided she was brave enough to handle it. She wanted those spheres, she could buy four and share them, that way another person could have the last one.

     Stacy asked the man "May I please buy four of those beautiful spheres?" The man looked over Stacy just as he had done for the little boy before her, but to her surprise, he smiled. The man looked at her kindly and said, "Yes, you may absolutely have them." She paid him and thanked him but just as she was about to leave he said "Remember to wear it every night."

     "Absolutely sir!" Stacy replied smiling then she gave a necklace and sphere to everyone. Then they all walked back to her house for the party.

The End

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