The Land of Lost Dreams

Once it was a place to keep the lost dreams, but something went terribly wrong now its up to Stacy and her friends to save it and the dreams of all the children. Do you think they can?

     Stacy sat in her seat at the very center of the classroom, the same spot every year. Her teacher, Ms.Delton liked to organize the students by their grade in her class, Stacy hated it. All of her teachers had done the same from kindergarten to now, Ms.Deltons 4th grade class. Almost no one liked Ms.Delton, she was the meanest, scariest, and most unreasonable teacher in the whole world.

     Stacy was a perfectly average person, she wasn't special in any way. She knew that wasn't true, but it's hard to say so when everyone thinks so. Stacy had a a head full of messy brown curls, deep chocolate brown eyes and freckles painted perfectly on her face, but no one noticed these beautiful details. Braces and big fat glasses ruined it all.

     Stacy and her friends were always teased, the other kids would sing out, "Stacy, Anna, Hazel, and Sky, they'll be cool when pigs can fly!" They were probably right. The other kids didn't bother them, they knew who they were and that was, best friends.

     Anna had hair gold as the sunshine and eyes gray as the clouds in winter and beautiful as the snow, too bad it went unnoticed, Anna was already officialy dubbed nerd.

     Hazel and Sky were twins, they both had red hair beautiful as the sunset, and eyes blue as the sky for Sky and hazel for, well, Hazel.

      Stacy and her friends were all perfectly average and perfectly boring according to everyone else. It wouldn't have been this way if it weren't for Kacee Franklin, Kacee was the most popular girl in school. She hated Stacy the minute she met her, Kacee was the definition of evil.    

     Stacy as I was saying sat down in her seat just like every day before, but today was different, today it was her birthday. Stacy and her friends had been planning the coolest, funnest, most amazing birthday party in the history of birthday parties. Okay well maybe not, they were having a sleep over.

     While the rest of the class went over the math Stacy dreamed of the most amazing party. Stacy greeted everyone "Hey guys thanks for coming to my party, have fun!" The guests stood in awe for a moment as they looked around. All of the most famous celebrities were there, the gaurd made sure anyone not on the list stayed out. There were snacks, games, a pool, a parade, they even made it a national holiday! Everybody was having fun. One of the celebrities walked up

     "Hey Stacy, cool party!" she said, "You are so cool!"

     "Thanks , It is really cool, isn't it!" Stacy said

     "What's two multiplied by seven Stacy?" The girl asked. Stacy stared at her confused then the girl yelled "Stacy answer the question!"

     She snaped back into reality to see Ms.Delton staring at her sternly. "Um, uh" Stacy stuttered.

     "Um, uh" Ms.Delton Mocked.

     "Fourteen." she managed,

      "Fourteen, what?" Ms.Delton asked,

     "Fourteen, Ms.Delton." Stacy grumbled.

     Later that day at recess, Stacy and her friends were talking about how cool the party was going to be. While they were all talking, one of Kacee's minions snuck up and  stole Stacy's glasses, they were all chasing her to get them back but she was running too fast. Before they could get them back for Stacy, she threw them on the ground and smashed them. Stacy had to spend the rest of the day with no glasses, she couldn't see anything.

The End

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