A Warm Welcome

Tiara walked slowly, trying to make each step as slow as possible. Her heartbeats were racing with the seconds and her stomach was aching. How she felt was very weird, very weird indeed. It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. What she went through was unbelievably and when she was walking towards the door she kept asking herself,' is another miracle going to happen? Or is this just a silly dream of mine? When is this coming to an end?' She had no other choice except for going inside. After all, that little boy's smile reflected the innocence of a child which made her feel a little comfortable. She stepped into the house. The moment she entered, she felt she was safe as she felt the warmth of the house from inside, although she was only one step inside. Her eyes travelled around the room gazing at the furniture. The first thing that caught her attention was the old woman with the grey dress sitting on a rocking chair in front of the warm fire of the chimney.

On the other side of the room, there were two pale blue sofas and two armchairs circling a small table in the middle. On one sofa, there as a girl with thick, jet black hair sitting  quietly and reading a book. She turned her head and gazed at Tiara with her honey-coloured eyes then, she turned her head away and continued reading the book quietly, ignoring Tiara. Few metres away from Tiara there were stairs leading to the second floor. The house as completely different from its outer appearance. From outside the house looked very dirty, but from inside it was very clean and looked as if it was cleaned daily inch by inch. 'Until when are you going to stand like that?', asked the old woman kindly. Her smile was lighting up the room. Her grey hair framed her old face and although she was very old, that smile made her look beautiful. Tiara looked at her and said 'Good evening, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you. I am Tiara Richard. I think I am lost at the moment since some creepy things happened and I lost my way back home. If you don't mind it, can I stay over here only for this night? I would really appreciate it. I will do anything you want help with in order to have to dinner and stay here for this night. I will do…' .'My dear girl, you don't have to do all of that to stay in my house for this night. I will let you stay as much as you want , the only thing I want is to know how you reached this place. Could you tell me what happened with you until you reached my cottage? You must be really hungry. Please follow me to the kitchen first, you will have dinner with me then you are going to tell me your story', she replied. 'But I would really feel guilty if I stay here without giving you anything in return. Are you sure I can stay here without giving anything in return?', asked Tiara. 'Surely, you can. That would also make Jack happy. Oh I'm very sorry, I did not introduce myself yet. I am Lizbeth Clockwork but you can call me Aunt Liz', she said. 'Jack introduce yourself too', she added. Jack, who was still standing near the door, smiled sweetly and said,' I am Jack Robin. I am 9 years old. It's nice to meet you, Tiara'.'What about you, Emily? Won't you introduce yourself too?', said Aunt Liz while looking at the Emily, the twin pony tailed girl. Emily closed the book and looked towards Tiara.  She stood up and said," I am Emily Charles, a 12-year-old. Nice to meet you"."I am sure you and Emily will become good friends soon. You are both of the same age and Emily was feeling lonely. She usually likes making friends so I guess you will both get along well", said Aunt Liz while smiling at Tiara."Uh, I'm sorry I was so busy reading the book so could you please repeat your name again?", requested Emily."My name is Tiara Richard", she said. When Emily heard her saying her name she looked startled as if she just heard some bad news, and then she looked down at the floor. She stood there without saying a single word. Jack felt there was something wrong with Emily. He walked towards her and stood beside her. Then, he pulled her T-shirt and said sadly, "Emily, what's wrong?". She looked at him with a fake smile and said, "Nothing, I guess I am going upstairs to my room to check Seros". She went upstairs quietly while Jack looked at her sadly, knowing that there is something wrong.

The End

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