The Old Cottage

Tiara stares with amazement at the surroundings. She was in a huge flower patch with many types of flowers, Daisies, Sunflowers, Jasmines, Violets, Roses, Tulips, Marigolds, Calla Lilies, Dandelions and many other types which Tiara have never seen. Each flower was closing its petals slowly and then opening it, and when it spreads out its petals, a light comes out and flies into the massive field spreading towards all sides. A huge cherry blossom tree stood in the middle of the field and as soon as Tiara noticed it, she sat under it. The wind carried the sweet smell of the flowers. It was like the magical place Tiara used to imagine. Tiara was very tired and the scene around her was very relaxing. After watching the scene for few minutes, Tiara  tried not to sleep ,because she wanted to investigate the place around her, but she fell asleep. She slept deeply for 5 hours and woke up when it was already night. Tiara got up and decided to investigate. She walked in front without knowing where she was heading to. There where no signs of people nearby. The weather started getting cold and Tiara started feeling hungry. She walked in search for someone to tell her were she was, what is this place and also to find a place to stay at night. After walking for 1 hour in the cold weather Tiara started shivering. Her school uniform wasn't thick enough to protect her from the cold weather. Tiara soon gave up and lied down on the grass.'I've got no other choice, I will have to spend the night here in this weird place with nothing to eat', she said. Tiara was more hungry than any other time, she was famished. She had nothing to do except for gazing at the stars. Some fireflies were flying around in the dark night sky and shining making it hard for Tiara to differentiate between the fireflies and the stars. The source of the sound which was echoing in her mind was still a mystery. Just as Tiara started wondering about that sound it echoed in her mind again, Keep walking, you are very near. Get up and walk. The astonished girl got up quickly and continued walking. First she was walking and then she was gradually speeding up. She was walking, walking quickly and soon she was running. She saw a distant figure far away from her. Tiara started running faster and faster. As she got closer, the figure appeared more clearly. Tiara recognized it was a cottage. Few meters away from the cottage, Tiara started slowing down slowing down. She was out of energy. She stayed with an empty stomach since her classes were over.She was now walking slowly towards the cottage. She stopped in front of the cottage and stared at it excitedly, while she was talking her breathe. The little cottage  had a pale grey roof and it was made from red bricks. It had three windows, two of them were dusty while only one was clean. A smell of food came from the cottage. The lights were on inside the house. Suddenly, Tiara heard the sound of a little boy saying,'Aunt Liz, I can feel there is someone outside. Should I go and check?'. 'Sure, but be careful', replied the voice of an old woman. Tiara was about to run and hide somewhere when the voice ringed in her ear don't hide and stay where you are. Tiara stood in her place and then the door of the cottage was opened slowly. A little boy with brown hair, wearing a red scarf around his neck, a sky blue T-shirt, a dark green jacket , blue jeans and black boots was standing there with his bright green eyes, staring at Tiara. 'Aunt Liz, we have a visitor!', he shouted excitedly.'Let them come in, Jack', replied Aunt Liz.

The End

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