And the Journey Begins

Tiara the 12-year old girl finds a magical stone at her school one day. What will be in store for her and what would that stone be?

Hearing the sound of Cynder, the canary bird, knocking with its peak on the window, Tiara jumps out of her bed happily. She places her blanket on the bed neatly, runs excitedly, pulls away the lavender curtains, and opens the window wide. She looks happily outside of the window and then chants some words, 'The sun rises and a new day starts, I wonder what will be in store for me today'. She closes the window and then heads to her dresser , opens it and gets her school uniform out. Her uniform consists of a white T-shirt with a blue ribbon, a blue skirt and white stockings.She wore her uniform and hurried downstairs with a smile on her face. She went to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. A glass of milk, an apple and a hot toast with mozarilla cheese on top was more than enough to fire her up with energy in the morning. Once she finished her breakfast, she ran towards the door and then she suddenly stopped, looked at a picture of a 5-year old girl in the corner of the room, smiled and then said, 'Bye, Jane!'. That picture was the picture of her deceased twin sister, Jane, who died from lung cancer at the age of five. Tiara never met her sister, because Jane lived with her grandmother to be near the hospitals for any sudden emergency. They were alike in everything except for the eye colour, Tiara had lilac eyes while Jane had blue eyes. Tiara had nothing to remind her with her sister except for that picture in the corner of the living room. Tiara looked everyday at Jane's picture and greeted her everyday before leaving home. Tiara quickly put on her shoes, opened the door and went downstairs happily and soon, she reached the hilltop leading to her school. The windy path was surrounded by cherry blossom trees which bloomed , announcing the beginning of the spring. Tiara always loved this hilltop path. She always felt this path held some magic inside it and whenever she walked, she felt the cherry blossom trees were greeting her and welcoming her warmly. Tiara always loved to stop for few seconds in the middle of the path and close her eyes, the cold breeze tickles her face and makes her blonde hair fly beautifully behind her. Tiara always felt that in these few seconds, she was flying in her daily uphill walk to school. After opening her eyes, Tiara runs happily until she reaches the school gates. As she enters the school gates she swings her bag around happily. After that, she goes quickly to her class and puts her bag on her desk. She was always the first one to reach school. Tiara always topped her class and she is loved by the teachers and students in this school, and in everyone's opinion she is so active and eager to learn compared to other students of the same age. Since she was the first one to reach school everyday, after leaving her bag in the class, she stands near the gate and greets the students and teachers as they come in. Tiara loved her school, loved nature and she always thought they are magical and she looks forward to every new day. On that spring day, she went to help one of the teachers after the classes were over and then headed home. On her way, she was walking again on the hilltop when something weird occurred. She had the urge to go near a large cherry blossom tree, her legs were moving by themselves and a voice echoed  in her mind sit under that tree.Her legs kept moving until she reached that tree and sat under it. Suddenly, something shiny hidden between the grasses caught her eye. Pick up the shiny object the voice said again. Tiara took out the shiny object, it was a beautiful rainbow-colored stone, which sparkled between Tiara's hands. Suddenly all the trees for few seconds shone beautifully around Tiara.'This is magic',she said, 'surely it is!'.

 Look behind you, the voice echoed again.Tiara looked behind her and found the cherry tree losing its petals and the petals piled up in front of her. Miraculously, another petals grew immediately after the other ones fell. Stand in the pile of  petals and hold the stone up facing the sky, it said again. Tiara stood in the pile of petals and held the stone up, facing the sky. Her bright lilac eyes shined and she felt something great was about to happen. Her heart was beating quickly and suddenly a strange light surrounded her. The light was so strong so, Tiara closed her eyes. She felt at the beginning that she was flying and then suddenly she felt her blood pressure was going up, the air was rushing around her and then she opened her eyes to find herself falling quickly into a dark tunnel. Tiara screamed loudly, louder than what you can imagine. It was the first time she got that frightened. After few seconds she was lying on the ground almost unconscious and out of breath. She remained on this state until a dewdrop fell on her face. She opened her eyes slowly and then she got up. When she stood up, she felt great pain all over her body so she sat down, staring at the new setting.

The End

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