Megan stood in the field thinking of all the fun things she could do. There were so many! But before she really got into any of them she was interupted by a little creature of about her size.

The little creature was light brown, with sparkly brown eyes like those of a cow and soft, silky fur. She had a shiny black nose and a mouth that was split, like a cat or rabbit. She had long brown ears that looked like a spaniels. The creature wore a little white summer dress, tied with a pale yellow ribbon.

"Megan?" It's voice was soft and sweet, like tinkling bells. Megan just looked at it, enchanted.

"My name is Tee-Hee! Pleased to meet you Megan!" It said, beaming.

"Umm.... Pleased to meet you?" Suddenly their awkward conversation was interuppted by the sound of a large bird hovering overhead.

"It's the witch!" Screamed Tee-Hee dragging Megan into the forest.

As the little creature threw Megan into the trees a demon appeared! It spoke, but it was not in any language Megan understood as she hid in the bushes. She crouched down and wasn't noticed. Tee-Hee however wasn't so lucky.

"Megan help me!!!" Begged the cute little creature before being dragged away by the monster. A hole opened up near where the demon had come from, she was dragged down it and was gone.

Megan sat down once all the sound had dissapeared and sobbed. She sobbed and wailed for many hours before a familier face made It's way through the field.



"Megan where's Tee-Hee?"

"The monster took her!!!" Said Megan, crying some more.

"What?! You should've done something! My poor Tee-Hee..."

"I couldn't do anything! I tried to imagine her free but I couldn't!"

Flurry tried to smile, despite the fact he too was close to tears.

"That demon belongs to the witch. But it's ok we'll get Tee-Hee back if we work together." He said reassuringly. And so the two joined up to save Tee-Hee.

The End

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