The Land of Imagination

one night a 5 year old girl had a dream that she never forgot in her whole life!

                                           chapter 1- a new world

One day Megan who was a 5 year old girl had just finished drawing a picture of an imaginary world. It was nine at night and just then her mam called up to her to go to bed. Megan often had imaginative dreams but this dream was one she would never forget and she could never quite believe that it didn't really happen. When she went to sleep she found herself been spun round a whirl of different colours and sounds.                         

  Finally the spinning stopped just as Megan thought she would be sick. When she opened her eyes she gasped. She found herself in another world. In fact it was the same world she had been drawing earlier that night.

  Straight ahead of her was a forest where the trees were green all year and also fruits would grow on the trees from spring to summer. However Megan didn't walk into the forest. She walked behind her into a medow of daisies.

"How beautilful," thought Megan.

The sun was shining bright and the sky was a periwinkle blue. Just then a very strange creature bounced toward her. The creature was about 60cm tall. It had rabbit ears and a kangeroo body.

"Hello who are you?" Megan asked the strange creature.

"My name is Flurry and I am a Tuskinie," it replied.

"Where am I?" Megan asked who was slightly scared by now.

"You are in the land of imagination,"Flurry replied.

"Where's that?" Megan asked.

"Where ever you imagine it to be,"Flurry answered.

"How do I get home?"

"You have to find that out for yourself," Flurry replied bouncing away.

"Please don't go,"Megan shouted after the Tuskinie but Flurry didn't look back.

By now Megan was really frightened. How was she going to get home? However then she remembered that she was in the land of imagination and a fun thought occured to her that whilst she was here she may as wel as have some fun. What should I imagine? Megan thought to herself.

The End

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