The Land

Over the hills and across this land as far as your eyes can see there is nature side to side with man,and they grew together in harmony and numbers.
Until now...

Darkness had settled over the land.

This vast piece of land that lingers in your eye as you travel from seaside  to country side.

From the seaside to the interior of the land where vales and mountains make their home,this place that  had known several dominant owners throught out its discovery. 

One day  democracy made its slow way into years of royalty and  this land started to  know growth and prosperity.

But  above all this land  was loved by each person who had the priviledge of being born in its soil.

Sounds started to emerged in the night.

Some where of rejoice that another day at work had finally met its ends.

Others where of the barbacue already taking place in the back garden of this or the other neighboor.

But most it was the quietude of a summer night in a land that had nice weather and a  breeze that came into the land from the North Atlantic and gave the night this smooth coolness.  

The sound of beer being passed around,and laughter,and kids playing fooball in the street,disregarding any cars caming their way,if they failed  to stop shouts would be heard but no one would be angry. Indeed, for it was peacefull here.

One could say that from the seaside to the highest mountain,the flora of the land  knew its boundaries but still tried to gain a few more metres of space but always denied by the force of the water itself,nature at its best and man grew  happy here and content with its family and friends alike,this was after all home.

A sacret haven if you like.

A land of rejoice for it was/it is beautiful.

A dog trots in the walkside carefree,its tail wagging side to side soon it will reach the pier where the turist have arrived and with them the promise of food,he races towards the goal at hand with a grin and a woof!

A horn is sound when the dog crosses the street in frount of a van that  had to break unexpectadly and a few swear words are mumble under the breath of the driver."D** dogs!",and soon the quietness of the night is back on.

Darkness had settled over the land!

The End

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