The Lame Team

Join the Awesome Team, and there fight on crime! Watch out Bad Guys, here




I was the one who came up the the ‘Awesome Team', the best super hero team the city of Pittsburgh had.

It was a dull, sun-less day. My little sister, Nina, wanted to play Super heros. Nina was one of those girls who played with Army Guys instead of Barbies, trucks inside of Pony's. She was a odd child.

Any way, the way this all staterd was with me ,Rosie, Mary, Juilet, Ellie, and I sat in my room, dishing on the latest gossip. At the time, Rosie was thinking about asking Peter out. Of course, Mary, Peters Ex., was against it. Saying

"Come on Rose, he's no good! Take it from me! I dated him!" Mary would say.

"But his eyes!" Rose would say.

The rest of us could have cared less, we never dated him. Nor, would we. And, hosntly, I thought he was plain old ugly.


Than, Nina rushed in to my room in (my soon to be famuse) pink tights, with a yellow swimsuit. With Moms, night mask on.

"JAMIE!" she yelled.

"What?" I said

"Play super heros with me!" she ordered.

"No." I said plainy.

"Why?" she winned.

"I have friends over, and we're" What could I say..Reading?...Texting? Julie didn't have a phone.

"Watching T.V" said Eillie. She picked up the remont and but on the News.

"Ok, whatever," Nina said. Sadly, she walked out of the room.


"In other News, the Cat Napper is still on the lose. Resdints are adived to stay indoors. And, please make sure you young daughters stay in doors more often. The child kid napping rate in Pittsburgh had doubled. In girls ages 7-16."


The End

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