The first camp

Finally it was time to leave. Marley hugged his mother goodbye, and he and the other boys slipped on their hiking shoes. The last memory Marley had of his mother was her waving goodbye to them from the open porch. He even from the distance between them, he could see tears visible on her cheek. 

First, Marley and the boys went though the parts they knew. That was the first part of the trip. They walked through the fields until their legs got tired, and their mouths ached. They had all drank at least thee fourths of their water already. They were overjoyed when they remembered they did bring more water along with them. 

Once the thirstiness had left them, hunger came. It was now getting dark, and the boys decided to make a little camp. They quickly set up a tent (Chris and Owen went on lots of camping trips in their lives, so they knew how to set up a tent easily), and then they set up their sleeping bags. Paul had went to go look for some wood, while Charlie found his matches. Once a blazing fire was started, the six boys sat around the fire and enjoyed it's warm. THey didn't talk much, for they were too tired. In no time, they had gone to sleep. Ready for the next day to come. 

The End

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