The Lake of Marley

Marley and his friends discover a lake, after naming it after Marley, this twisted tale finds lots of adventures.

Marley was a small boy, and he was ten years old. Actually, he'd only been 10 for about five minutes now. For it was Marley's birthday. And he was excited for his best friends to come over. Marley had spent all day decorating his house for the party. He had even cleaned his room. His five best friends were coming, Paul, Charlie, Owen, Chris, and Jacob. They had ordinary names, but they were far from being ordinary. These boys had to much adventure in them. See, they weren't the kind of 10 year olds that liked to play video games. No, oh no. These boys liked Marley's house so much because Marley lived almost in the middle of nowhere, there was so much land for the boys to discover, and they were all ready to find it. So, they planed to have the longest hike they had ever had in the unknown land on Marley's birthday. Of course they asked their mothers. Once the mothers had said yes, Marley, Paul, Charlie, Owen, Chris, and Jacob started packing. They each supplied lots of food, and Chis even found a vast tent in his garage.  

Finally, when the day had come, the boys got all excited. Paul, Charlie, Owen, Chris, and Jacob all came at the exact time. Before they went, Marley's mother had them eat some supper and birthday cake. They didn't refuse, of course, because Marley's mother made delicious cakes. After the cake, Marley opened his presents. He got some snacks that he could bring along, as well as hiking shoes. 

The End

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