The Lake

Sorry, boring title, but appropriate. I need to rework an older story that was written here.

In the grey of the dawn I could just make out the mist rising from the lake. Quietly I set my fishing gear down beside me on the bank of the lake and dropped my lure in. I automatically went through the motions of fishing, my mind meandering. I had a lot to think about, and fishing is the perfect opportunity for a guy to sit by himself and think. 

I had broken up with my girlfriend several months ago. It turned out to be a lot more emotionally complicated and harder than I thought it would be. Sometimes things just aren't right though. Ending it was the correct decision. However, shortly thereafter my family life fell apart. I was caught in the middle of a complex mess of arguments and emotional complications. Eventually I couldn't handle it anymore. So I packed my bags and went on a trip around the world. There was a lot to see, and a lot to learn, and it was an optimal time to escape reality, but when I came back I found the family in as much confusion as ever. I realized that the most relaxing place I knew of was the pond on my grandparent's farm, so I decided to come and visit them for a little while, and think things through. 

The sun was starting to tinge the sky pink as I sat, head in hand, staring at a motionless lure. Then I heard a splash. My mind rushed back to reality. I was picturing all sorts of wild animals. Instead all I saw was ripples, and then a head. I shrunk back into the rushes. The whole world became deathly still. Against the peachy reflections I saw a figure rise up out of the water: the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I was completely, utterly, awestruck. Her lengthy chestnut hair flowed around her entire body, covering her discretely like a veil. She picked it up and smoothed it over her shoulder. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she walked up out of the water and out of sight. 

Several minutes later I slowly gathered my gear and wandered towards home. 

The End

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