That night Becky was locked into her rom with her dad sleeping outside it and the baby with her mother downstairs in the living room; the police would be called early in the morning but, in all honesty, her parents rather believed the whole mess would have gone in the morning, having proven to be little more than a dream. Becky's brown eyes were open against the ceiling, she was the one who had to save the child and it had to be before he was taken away by social services. Taking nothing with her, she slipped out of her window and shimmied down the drain pipe. Once safely on the muddy ground, she opened the front door and tiptoed into the living room.

There he was; the beautiful, breathing miracle. Snatching him up in all his blankets, Becky left the house again for the last time.

Darkness became at once her friend and enemy. She could see nothing but then that meant no one could see her; she just had to get far away from her hometown. Out of the country if she could.

Then she formed a plan.

The End

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