Becky stared down at the still sleeping child in her arms, her mouth forming unanswerable questions and streaming what her parents were bound to say. Soon the child woke up and started to cry, perhaps sensing that his real mother was gone so his new carer set off towards home. As they entered through the kitchen, the sound of the cries echoed throughout the house and Becky's parents were quickly rushing dow the stairs. Confused, they stared from their daughter to the pile of blankets in her arms.

"Is, is it yours?" Her mother gasped.

"What? No!" Becky almost laughed.

Her father sighed tentatively then took a small step forwards, "Becky, who did you take the baby from?" His eyes were grave, serious and pained beyond what Becky had ever seen.

"I didn't take him from anyone! The Lady of the Hills gave him to me." As she turned her eyes to the child she felt her parents glance in terror at each other, "I didn't take him." She mumbled.

"Tell us who you took him from, Becky. We can get him back and no one will be any the wiser then we'll have a nice little chat, sound good?"

"Please don't do this again!" She begged, "You've never believed me but I'm telling the truth! This baby is hers and she told me to look after him. I'm telling the truth!" She repeated desperately.

"But the Lady of the Hills cannot exist, it's impossible! You have to be able to see that, Becky! No one will believe you."

"Please, you don't know her like I do! She's terrefied and I have to look after him, I can't just leave him with a family who won't understand where he came from!"

Her mother closed her eyes for a long moment, "Okay, Becky, give me the child."


"Becky, give me the child."

"He's mine!" She yelled and tried to push past her parents to get up the stairs. Despite the edge she had with her agility, her father's bulk crashed into her and she was thrown to the floor, her arms automatically forming a protectove cage over the small baby, "You'll hurt him! Stop it!"

But the now screaming baby was wrestled from her grasp by her mother while her dad kept her arms pinned underneath her so she couldn't fight back. Becky sobbed. Why couldn't they understand, why couldn't they trust her rather than their stubborn narrow-mindedness?

"He's called William." Becky rasped. She felte hollow without the baby there, like her only reason for being put on the earth had been taken away; as indeed it was.

The End

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