One Brief Encounter

The moon shone a clear silver, the only bright orb in the starless night and dark skies. Hills and moors blurred unnoticeably into the horizon like smudges of ink and a few othe rlights twinkled from the only village Becky could see. She was staring out of her window, the wind curling her brown hair around like vipers and papers rustled from the walls. Sighing at the inevitable, she shrugged into her thick black coat and padded downstairs where she left the house.

Her feet knew the path they were going to take, it was as familiar to them as breathing to her lungs and pulled her restless body through the winding paths and snaked up the hills until they stopped her by a tree. That tree seemed out of place, it was too spindly to survive the harsh winds driven by the contours in the land and yet it continued to defy normality and grew anyway. While she was absorbed in the tree, ragged breathing and sounds of pounding feet on the wet earth errupted to her left. By the time she had turned, there was a figure at her feet.

It was the Lady of the Hills, Becky was certain. Her brown eyes widened as she took in the woman on the floor, heaving and retching as she was. The woman lifted her head, letting her hood fall back to reveal the long guessed-at face. She looked younger than the drawings had made her out to be and she had blue eyes that darted frantically around the landscape and blonde hair that was in a loose bun on her head.

"Gah!" Becky gasped.

"Becky? Becky, save him! Take him! Run!" The Lady of the Hills thrust something into the teenager's arms and scrambled upright.


With one last strangled scream the woman took off across the hill, her black cloak rippling out behind her.

"Wait!" Becky called but the figure disappeared before she had uttered the first letter.

She looked down at the lump in her arms; it was a small baby whose face was peaceful in sleep, though how it could remain so content when its mother was running so fast confused her. Despairingly she looked across the hills, expecting the lady to reappear. No matter how much she looked, she couldn't find her. Any ideas about what to do next had deserted her.

The End

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