Sandra, her name was, though no one ever asked. They were always too busy crying, or not crying, or looking around suspiciously. 

She was a Mortician and she'd seen too many odd cases in this town. 

It turns out she'd been right to suspect that man- James, one of her co-workers, had whispered to her that he'd disappeared soon after the death of his wife. But not before leaving another dead body. 

People had actually cried when they'd seen "Janet Evangeline Schwarz," dead. Her family, called in to identify the bloody mess that was their daughter, had in fact sobbed their hearts out. 

The post mortem was scheduled. 

Sandra got her coat, sorted through her bag, and went to turn the lights off. She took one last, sorrowful glance at the body before she left. 

Always best to never get involved. 

The lights turned off, and Sandra's footsteps echoed as she walked down the empty corridor. What no one saw was the vague movement in the Mortuary. 


The End

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