The StormMature

Robert jumped at Betty, and they rolled across the floor in a tussle of limbs.

Janet whipped round to them. 

"I almost had her Robert! What the hell?," she screamed. 

Betty pushed Robert off, and got to her feet. She replied to Janet in the same tone.

"What the hell crazy slut! First you sleep with my darling husband, and now you call me a vampire?" 

Janet clasped the stake tighter, but her hardened glare twitched. 

"I didn't sleep with him! He's my...," she looked to him expectantly. 

"Tell her Robert!". 

"Tell the truth Robert," Betty warbled. "Tell her she's crazy and you made a mistake, and that you love me!". 

"Tell her!," they shouted in unison. 

Robert stumbled to his feet and backed up. He felt more trapped than he ever had in his life. These two were never supposed to have met... Jesus, talk about between a rock and a hard place.

He garbled some sounds that sounded vaguely like excuses, but couldn't find a good thing to say. 

"He's hopeless," muttered Janet. 

They all stood in silence. Robert was about to speak, but she beat him to it. 

"Okay, look-" she began. 

What was she doing?

"I'm not Robert's sister. There is no funeral." She raised her hands, stepped forward, and put the stake down on the floor in front of her. 

What was she doing? Betty watched her carefully. 

"I am- I was his lover," she stated slowly, like a police woman talking to a man on a ledge. "But it was short, and he broke it off because of you. So look, I didn't want to do this, but I can move. You'll never see me again and you have my most sincere apologies for leading him astray". 

Sadness registered on Betty's face, the same way it had when he'd kissed her. 

"Robert." She didn't look at him. She stared at her shoes. "Is this true?". 


"The truth."

"Yes," he admitted quietly.

She sniffed and bit her lip, and turned to Janet. 

"'ll leave us? You promise?". 

"Yes. I'll be gone, that's it," she gushed. She looked hopeful. A business deal sealed, these psychos left behind. Robert could deal with this mess himself- she'd tried to paint him as the good guy for his sake.

Betty smiled weakly at her. 

"Shake on it?". 

Janet nodded, and stepped forwards, holding out her hand. 

Betty took it, her eyes teary. 

One shake. 

Janet went to let go, but Betty held her grip. 

"You're stupider than you look." 

She grinned, Robert watching as Janet's eyes grew wide with fear. 

"But you did guess I was a vampire, so you've got that going for you." 

"No, no-," Janet protested as Betty grinned and pulled her towards her. 

"First Pete, and now your little mistress. My, I am working up an appetite today." 

Betty grinned. Janet screamed. 

"NO!," roared Robert. 

Betty giggled, then descended onto Janet's throat and ripped it clean out. 

The End

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