"You." Betty seethed. 

"Betty?," Robert mouthed, the colour draining from his face. But she wasn't looking at him.

Her eyes narrowed to slits. She looked ridiculous, like an angry bambi, lines softened by primer and blush. She wouldn't have been threatening at all, if it not for...

"I- how the fuck do you know where I live?," Janet questioned. "I mean- ah, Robert's wife! What brings you-"

"Shut up, you snitch."

Even after years of adulthood and some of marriage, she hadn't outgrown her replacement swear words. 

Betty sashayed in, over exaggerating her strut in the way she did when she was angry and sure she was right. She looked around, then cocked her head, regarding Janet.

"So, this flat looks very London. Very much like it."

Janet took a step back. "I'm sorry...?"

"You said you were going to a funeral! In London! Why would Robert have a sister who lives within driving distance?," she drawled, her tone dripping in sibilant sarcasm, "Who, by the way, he never told me about?".

"I-," Janet started. Before, in her bout of rage, she'd been certain as anything. Now, she was beaten. Scared. Vunerable.

Robert stepped forward instead.

"Get away, Robert!," screamed Betty, backhanding him out of the way without even a glance. He was thrown back with ridiculous force, and lay, shrunken, against the wall on the other side of the room.

Betty bared her teeth.

"I know who you are."

Robert tried to speak, but he was winded. He couldn't say a word.

"I'm not anything, I-", protested Janet. 

"Shut up!," she cried, her lisp painstakingly prominent. A strand of her perfect bob fell over her face as she slapped her.

Janet sprawled on the floor, Betty smirking above her. 

"Now, you're going to be honest with me," Betty gloated, her whimsical tone playful.

Robert watched as Janet pulled up her head, and through a curtain of brunette hair, her eyes now narrowed. Her hands scrabbled silently on the wooden flooring behind the sofa, out of Betty's sight, searching for something.

"I said, you tramp, you're going to be honest with me!," she cried, indignant as Verruca Salt. She looked down to Janet's slumped figure.

But too late. 

"No, you're going to be honest with me, you bitch," Janet stated. She grabbed at Betty's ankle, and yanked her to the floor.

She yelped and tripped, landing on her hands, facing away from Janet.

Janet rose, stake in hand, and stood over her. 

"You're a whiny, annoying vampire and you're not even Robert's wife."

Robert held his breath.

"It's in death do us part."

Betty's lip curled back in a snarl. Robert got up, and made to jump between the two, with no way of knowing if he could intervene.

"Time for you to die again, Betty".

The End

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