Robert's thumb flicked as he scrolled through his missed calls, troubled.

He'd tried to ring Pete now ten times, with no reply except for his aptly crude voicemail.

"SHUT UP YA CUNT I'LL SAY MY NAME WHEN I LIKE- is not available right now. Please leave a message after the tone". 

Robert hung up, again, this time diverting back to his texts. Before the missed calls, Pete had left a few messages, though he wasn't really one for texting, or technology at all for that matter. From years of knowing him, he was more of a "if you smack it'll enough, it'll work," kind of man. It was rare he'd message, Robert noted, unless it was important. 

Or he was very drunk. 

"Everything alright at your end?''

"Pick up, you shit"

"I'm coming round."

"Still nothing from him?," Janet called from the other side of the room. She was crouched on the sofa, sharpening a chair leg with a kitchen knife. It hadn't been easy to get her to part with her expensive dining chairs, but you could hardly make a good stake with IKEA MDF. 

"Nothing," he replied, an edge of worry creeping into his voice. It wasn't possible something had happened to him, was it? 

Just before, he'd nipped out to steal some holy water from the church and buy some more garlic. They still really had little clue what they were up against, but still he doubted the lazy, pre-diced kind Janet had in her fridge would do the trick. 

He'd also invested in a small crucifix. 

But without the only person he knew who claimed to have dealt with a vampire before missing from action, they really were a bit stuck on what to do. Storm the house with weapons? They'd decided to wait it out for a while, come up with a good plan in the meantime. 

"Okay. I'm just going to go put all these wood shavings in the recycling-"

She opened the door. 

She opened the door and there stood Betty. 

The End

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