The Sooner The BetterMature

Janet's appartment was on the first floor, so they reached it quickly after parking. Upon entry, she leant her weight against the door as it clicked shut. Feverishly, she clawed at the extra lock and ensured that too was secured.

He hated to see her in a state like this- it was all new to him, seeing her panicked. It should've been infectious, but he felt oddly calm.

"Janet, sit down. It's okay."

"It's okay? Okay for now, maybe! We don't know the extent of what she can do!"

"I...thought you didn't believe me."

Even in as terse a setting as this, he could now see how Pete felt. He was on the cusp of wry smile and an "I told you so," but he held his tongue.

"I didn't...I don't...," she paced back and forth, shaking her head.

He felt limp and useless watching her drive herself in vicious circles of doubt, so he sat her down and put his arm around her.

"There, now look. Tell me exactly what you saw."

"She has fangs," she blurted, wide eyed. Then she caught herself, and cleared her throat in embarrassment.

"I know she does. Go on."

"She...I was talking to her, and I thought she had lipstick on. God, this all seems like a bad dream. There was something red around the side of her mouth, and as she went to clean it, I saw blood encrusted into her nails, on her palms...,"

So, she'd made her first kill, Robert mused. It wouldn't be her last either. But she hadn't even strayed far- he hoped it wasn't one of the neighbours. Borrowing and not returning a Hoover was one thing, but your wife killing one of the other tennants...

"And...I looked at the mirror. Jesus, she coule just be a pysco who's just gone on a rampage, but I swear she had no reflection. I thought I must be going insane, but in the car I kept thinking over how cold her hand was when I shook it". She was shaking her head back and forth again.  

"I am talking sense, aren't I?!".

"Yes," he replied weakly. It was all too familiar to him.

"What do we do, Robert?".

Robert didn't know.

"I don't know," he said.

"We have to do something," she urged. "I refuse to live in fear of your ex wife."

He raised an eyebrow involuntarily.

"Yes, that is ex, it's in death do us part!," she cried out.

She got up and started pacing again. He didn't try to stop her.

"Having an affair with a married man, and now his wife turns out to be a vampire," she muttered. "I honestly don't know how I do it."

"Maybe...," he offered, "we could move away-"

"We? There's no "We" in it!," she spat. "This is your mess and I have work here, and family! And friends! She's always been the one we have to get rid of."

He began to question if he really knew Janet as well as he thought he had, and was starting to fear her just a little bit. But he had no better ideas.

"Are you saying-"

"Call Pete or get sharpening or something. The sooner we deal with this," she stated "the better."

The End

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