A Harsher Reality


The yellowed curtain was illuminated by the streetlight outside, its fleeting movements were almost poetic as the draft swept it from the glass it usually clung to. Alexis watched as the wind dropped it every now and again, only to pick it back up at the last minute and send it sweeping above him once more. 

Like wings...

Some part of him held a bitter resentment towards that insignificant stretch of fabric. As though having that one object to blame for all his misfortunes would somehow break his chain of bad luck. Alexis pondered, as he often did, about the existence of karma. Was there some unforgivable sin he had committed in a previous life? Something awful that made him deserving of the life he was encumbered with?

If only I knew.

Alexis fell asleep with the question on his lips and awoke with it unanswered still. A shrill sound disturbed his solemn mood and caused him to rub his head irritably. Trudging towards the door in a robotic fashion Alexis didn't bother to wipe the sleep from his eyes or worry about the stubble on his chin. He could not hope for interesting results as he opened the door; it was probably just a parcel that hadn't yet made it to its destination.

Alexis sighed and relieved the buzzer of its duty.


The End

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