The Lady in the Satin Dress

Alexis Crone was happily married to a beautiful women he met several months before. Happily married....for about two days. As he lies on the floor of their honeymoon suite he reflects on his life before, how he had met her...and how everything had gone so horribly wrong.

Alexis Crone lay on the floor of the deluxe hooneymoon suite, of a five star Brixton hotel. As he stared at the intricate patterns that were embossed on the ceiling tiles he wondered how many, out of the people who stayed in this suite, had done so alone. He flexed his fingers ever so slightly in the lustrous carpet, that held his body like a velvet caress.

It's all far too good for me.

Thinking about it now, he didnt know how he hadn't seen it coming. It wasn't just the room, it was everything. For months now he had felt like a pauper in a sweet shop. He had been surrounded with delectable sweetness, even been allowed to experience it upon his own tongue. But all the while he had felt like there was something he wasn't quite seeing....some underlying reason for all of it.

I should have seen it before.

Alexis lay on his back, knowing now exactly how people could be so blind. He remembered back when he was little, how even as a child he had criticised the world's naivity. He remembered one night in particular, where he had sat in his mother's arms as she read to him. He had asked her why Hansel and Gretel had gone into the witch's gingerbread house. His mother had told him that it was because she had seemed like a kindly old lady, but this had only made him more agitated. Not a child in the world doesn't know not to take candy from strangers. He laughed coldly.

Fairytales just don't sum up the world like they used to.

Alexis Crone watched his life unfold before him like a badly acted screenplay: the colour was too bright; the voices not loud enough, and the person that played him seemed awkward and brash. But despite this fact, he somehow knew it was accurate. Alexis marvelled at how such a ridiculous seeming notion could be true, how before you die you really do see your life flash before your eyes. Not as fast as he'd always imagined. But all the same, inevitably true.

How useful it would be if you could view your life like this when you still had time.

If he was not dying, which he was certain he was, Alexis would have attempted to figure out a way to make it possible. Possible to watch your whole life from a different perspective. Because when viewing it all like this....

It was so obvious where he had gone wrong.



The End

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