Chapter CXVI

Carla and Quigley. They were married, of course, not long before Moll and Gideon were. Although their weddings were very different.

Carla and Quigley have three children now - Marie Ann, Jemima and Bentley. They live in Dinnsburgh, just outside of the capital, and run a farm. Carla learnt the midwife’s trade and keeps a herb garden. They have two goats, a horse, three pigs, chickens, geese, a pond with several ducks, and an old dog called Damson, if he hasn’t died since I visited last. Quigley still looks after books, but they were moved into the attic last autumn when Marie Ann was born and they needed the space. But they’re still there - some of them Owain made as a present when Quigley left his service.

Moll and Gideon live far out in a very small village to the east of Tidtarna, on the banks of the River Yild. As soon as Moll was well again, Gideon proposed, and they were married the very next summer. I think they have five children, the youngest, Laurel, having died two winters ago. Moll is the village gossip, I’m sure, but they’re popular enough. Gideon works for the latest Erl of Tidley as gamekeeper. Moll’s cooking is the envy of the whole village.

Who else? Oh, Rhea, of course. After she was pardoned along with the rest of the outlaws, she left Disnarta and joined an elite force of bodyguards in Ramesh, dedicating to perfecting their skill at martial arts. And did very well for herself, I believe. I doubt if she’ll ever settle down, although there was a possibility she would when she was in a relationship a couple of years ago with Jaques.

After the death of her husband in the fighting, Louise and her two children moved to Wiltern Hines in Hannart, to a small cottage where she died in peace last spring at the age of 68, leaving two adult children and a host of grandchildren.

But I know who you want to hear about. And I do promise, I am coming on to them. Slowly, I know, but there you are. Sometimes the best things in the world must be done slowly.

The End

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