Chapter CIV

She didn’t tell anyone. Not even Carla. Because she knew her heart now, better than anyone else. So what was the point in asking for help?

She didn’t give Owain an answer, the day he asked her. Her only reply was that she would think, and tell him. But she still didn’t know.

She had to make the choice. A choice between doing what was right for her, and what was right for the world.

But if she chose what she wanted to choose, would that make her selfish? Would she be as bad as Aaron?


She jumped slightly, turning and squinting into the dark behind her. She didn’t recognise Keiran until he sat right beside her.

She waited for him to say something, but he must have been doing the same, because they sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes. Then, he said:

‘Warm night.’

She said nothing. Did he really expect to talk to her about the temperature?

He sighed. ‘Beatrix... Look, about what I said. It was narrow-minded. I like to think I’m a man of the people, but that means the nobles too. Not just those who have nothing.’

‘I had everything,’ she said quietly. ‘But I had no one.’

‘I know. I was rash and stupid... You did what you felt you had to, as did I. Neither of us was perfectly right, I don’t think, but then no one ever is. I’m so caught up with perfection that... I don’t notice... the obvious things...’

Like what? she wanted to ask. ‘I was stupid too,’ she admitted when it was obvious he wasn’t going to continue. ‘I thought so much of myself, and so little of you...’

‘Have your views changed?’

Yes! You’re amazing and I love you!

But she said nothing.

The End

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