Chapter CII

The view is sideways, blurred, and she can make out very little. Music twirls in her head, soft and gentle. As her eyes sharpen, the music speeds and changes, turning into a frantic chant of urgency. What is it? What is-


In a moment, she takes it in.

Keiran on the ground. Aaron above.

Knife in her boot.

Knife in his back.

She can’t-

She must.

Aaron notices out the corner of his eye as Beatrix moves, but he doesn’t know yet what it means. He doesn’t understand. He will in a minute.

She pulls a dagger swiftly out of her boot, holding it steady though inside she quails. She has barely a moment. Aaron speaks to Keiran, says something: ‘But now the wait is over. You will die today, outlaw!

Will he?

Now or never.

She closes her eyes.

Now or never.

Can you do it?

The End

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