Chapter XCVII

‘What do you mean?’

Aaron smile grew wider. ‘Now I’ve got your attention, my pretty. So you care for him - how interesting! Ah, but does he care for you?’ He cocked his head to one side. ‘Hmmm. I wonder.’

‘Shut up! What do you mean?’

He laughed slightly, and glanced over another sheet. ‘Ah, yes - muscular wound to the shoulder, about an inch deep. No, that’s not fatal, not fatal at all. He might have a weak arm, it depends on the extraction-’

‘He’s alive?’

‘And they told me you were clever. Yes, Cousin, of course he’s alive. I expect most of your little friends are.’

Beatrix didn’t know what to think. He was lying to her, of course he was- but if there was a tiny chance that they were alive and could stay alive, then she’d take it. She’d take it all right.

‘Get me a quill,’ she said between gritted teeth.

‘That’s a good girl. I knew you’d see sense!’

‘Don’t you dare.’

She jumped slightly. Her back was to the door, but from the look on Aaron’s face, it could be nothing other than a ghost who had spoken. Her fingernails digging into the arms of her chair, she peered round the edge.

Ye gods-

The End

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