Chapter XCVI

‘Awfully sorry. About your friends, I mean. Damn shame. Great pity. But there we are. They would have it that way. But you? No, you’re a sensible little lass. You come when I call.’

Beatrix closed her eyes, no longer able to watch her cousin as he sat looking over pieces of paper, talking absent mindedly to her as he did so. As if her friends lives were worth nothing. Not even as much as what was written on those papers.

‘You killed them,’ she whispered. Then a shout: ‘You killed them!’

‘Oh yes, rather. But then, they killed plenty of people as well. So, between you and me, it’s very difficult to tell the black from the white. I’m sure I could argue that I killed for necessity.’

‘They’d argue the same.’

‘You see? They just steal my get-out clause. But this is getting us absolutely nowhere.’ He pushed forwards a piece of paper. ‘This is a warrant for your execution as a traitor to the Crown... Sign here, please.’

‘You’re mad!’

‘No, no, no, my dear girl. Merely efficient. Please sign, my dear.’

‘I will not!’

‘Or I’ll-’

‘You’ll do what? You’ll kill me? Imagine that!’

Aaron smiled thinly. ‘No, my dear. I shall kill Keiran.’

She went cold. ‘You can’t. He’s already dead.’

‘Oh, no, I very highly doubt that.’

The End

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