Chapter XCV

‘Why’s the bell ringing?’ Rhea shouted above the din. ‘No one knows we’re here!’

‘Wrong!’ replied Carla. ‘The soldier must have woken up!’

Rhea cursed. ‘I know I should’ve tied him up. That’s what you get for being soft! Ah, well.’ With a sigh, she drew her sword. ‘Best be prepared for a fight. Come on, everybody, if you don’t have a sword try and find something to fight with. Here-’ she passed a shortsword to Carla, ‘-I always carry extra, just in case.’

Together with Rhea, Carla, Gideon, Ridley and all the prisoners, they made eighteen.

The soldiers that came pouring out of the fortress made several hundred.

‘Outnumbered slightly, then,’ Ridley said quietly to Rhea.

She grinned. ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bring it on!’

The End

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