The girl turned round to see Beatrix running towards her, and they hugged fiercely.

‘It’s so good to see you again!’ Beatrix mumbled into Moll’s shoulder. Then she pulled away quickly: ‘But I need your help. Keiran’s gone and given himself up to Aaron, and we need to help him escape.’
‘Beatrix, surely you can’t be thinking-’

‘We’ve got to help him, Moll, we’ve got to! We can’t just sit here! Get Jaques, Gideon, Rhea - anyone who’ll help us. Larkey- oh, and Ridley. If we work together - as a team - make a plan - then maybe-’

‘Slow down, Beatrix! It’s one o’clock in the morning. There’s nothing we can do tonight. We’ll have news of Keiran in the morning - and then we can decide what action to take. But we can’t go rushing in there, not even knowing what’s happening or where to go or anything.’

Beatrix heard the sense in her friends words, but still wasn’t happy. ‘We can’t just leave him...’

Moll took her by the shoulders. ‘Don’t you worry about him. Nothing’s going to happen between now and the morning. I promise.’

And so they went to bed, but Beatrix couldn’t get the notion out of her head that yes, a lot could happen between now and the morning.

And she really didn’t want it to.

The End

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