Chapter LXXIV

The night was as still as a freshwater pool, unaware that only seconds will pass before the ripples begin.

A man. A simple instrument, and yet throw him into our pool- and what then? What if he never entered the pool? Would things have been different?

And yet things were not different. The man entered the pool as cleanly as a knife enters flesh. And he began a whole new chapter in our story.

‘Who goes there? Show yourself!’

The voice is loud in the silence of the night, even though it is not much more than a whisper.

‘A friend.’ A second voice, but in the darkness, no face to place it to. ‘Your master waits for me.’

He has his orders. He knows what he must do.


The first thing Beatrix knew of this turn of events was a gloved hand over her mouth and a strange smell in her nose. A man stood over her, just a shadow in the dark, pushing the pad dipped in chemicals over her face. She only had a second before she blacked out.

The End

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