Chapter LXVIII

The next morning dawned bright and cold as ever, but Beatrix felt it most acutely because she was, yet again, sleeping in a tent. But she couldn’t complain - she knew she was much better off than many people.

Carla, whose older brother was a squire, helped Beatrix get into a light chainmail vest and breastplate - although she wasn’t allowed to fight and she was having an escort of three guardsmen (many of them had deserted Aaron), she was still having basic armour and a sword, just in case. It was one of those ridiculously heavy and clumpy ones, though, and it made her long for those lessons she used to have in the safety of the  field, with those beautiful little swords, and her teacher...

Beatrix was to watch the battle from the top of a hill overlooking the battleground. She left her tent shortly after dawn and rode up there with her escort. She could see the entire rebel army as it began to ready itself for the coming battle. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of them. Surely nothing could defeat so huge a force? Surely Aaron would be made to see sense and come to a peaceful agreement?

It was a sign of her naïvety that she sill believed such things could ever come to pass.

The End

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