Chapter LXIII

Beatrix woke earlier than she would have liked - she was used to early starts and tiring physical workouts in the mornings, and so it was a great relief to be able to lie in bed, staring up at the velvet hangings above her and just being. She didn’t have to do anything at all if she didn’t want to.

But from silence comes thoughts, and as hers were not all pleasant, she decided to get up seeing as she was already awake. She opened the wardrobe to find she’d forgotten how to dress in all the elaborate underskirts, corsets and hooks that was necessary to wear these clothes. But... Had she ever known how to dress in them?

She’d forgotten that as well.

Luckily, Carla appeared only a few minutes after her mistress awoke and was therefore able to help her mistress get dressed in a long green velvet dress and girdle that hung low around the waist in a style that must have been popular when her mother was a child, and certainly not now. But it fitted her perfectly, and when she looked in the mirror, she had to admit that she looked as beautiful as she always had, the mud of the outlaw village and many nights sleeping outdoors notwithstanding.

With Carla also came the news that Hathering was calling a meeting.

The End

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