Chapter XLVI

Well, if the outlaws wouldn’t help, Beatrix certainly would. She knew that Keiran thought he was doing the right thing. If there was a civil war, lots of people might die. But surely it was for the greater good? She couldn’t just sit back and watch Aaron lounge in the throne, King of Disnarta. Or could she?

Carla was sitting by the communal fire, sewing up some piece of clothing and telling a story to a small boy and girl. She said something that obviously frightened the two children, and Moll and Louise, who were close by, laughed at the expressions on the infants’ faces.

‘Beatrix!’ she said, and immediately stood, laying her sewing on her now vacant seat and hushing the children’s complaints in one swift movement. ‘What is it?’ she asked quietly, seeing the look on Beatrix’s face. The two girls moved away from the others as Beatrix explained.

‘The Erls are rebelling.’

‘Yes - I heard.’

‘There’s going to be a civil war.’

She gasped. ‘Is that for certain?’

‘Yes. I need you to go to the Erls at Tidtarna and establish me as their ally. They need all the help they can get. I’m no use to anyone here - least of all Quigley and Owain. And we must avenge the death of Annesdale.’

Carla nodded silently. ‘I’ll leave after lunch,’ she murmured.

The End

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