Chapter XLIII

Gideon, it turned out, was more than just Moll’s fiancé. He was also recently (as in, that morning) returned from the small village of Tidtarna in the Erldom of Hathering, where the next link in the chain of momentous events was already taking place.

‘I don’t quite know all of it,’ Louise said with a smile, stirring the mushroom porridge. ‘But it seems to be that there’s some kind of army brewing.’

‘Gideon said something about civil war,’ chipped in Moll. ‘But I don’t think it’ll come to that.’

‘Naw. Don’t go bothering your head on that account! But it seems some of those Erls have got tired of being bossed around by the King, so they’ve gone of in a tantrum and got together an army.’

‘Ptah! Honestly! And then they expect our men to fight their battles for them? Well, no siree.’

But Beatrix wasn’t listening. Inside her head, something was whirring, round and round and round. A rebel army! It could only mean one thing - civil war. And about time too! Aaron had been plaguing Disnarta for long enough.

She rose quickly, making her decision as she did so. She would pledge her allegiance to this rebel army. She had nothing of any worth to give them, that was for sure, but she was a figurehead, a name. Perhaps that would lend their men courage and strength.

You must admit, she was progressing. But she was still as naïve as a newborn.

The End

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