Chapter XXIII

It was just after dawn that two mud-splattered and footsore travelers arrived at the small village of Dinnsbrough, seventeen miles from the capital. Despite the late – or early – hour, they were welcomed into the Shiny Pebble Inn & Alehouse, on account of the landlady and landlord being accustomed to such strange calling hours because of their being on the main road to the capital. They thought nothing, or at least, very little, of the two young girls traveling along – what they thought more of was their being in the possession of two such fine horses – but some things it wasn’t their place to know, and this was obviously one of them. And besides, the landlady, Rosa, had more on her plate right now than two girls from the capital.

Carla and Beatrix fell into their bed with barely a whimper, and were asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow. Fatigued from their journey and internal struggles, they didn’t wake again till long after midday.

In fact, they wouldn’t have woken until after that, had it not been for the scream.

The End

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