The Ladies of The Deep

The light broke into thousands of strands of golden thread which passed through the colourful pane of glass before him, each golden thread adding depth to the different colours of the window. He watched as the water splashed against the rock which jutted out of the water. Admiring the sea urchins which latched themselves onto the bumpy grey stony surface. He watched the crabs which scuttled around the rock, looking for a loose urchin to provide today's sustenance.  Following a particularly red crab, his focus was shifted a way from the sea creatures as its background changed. The crab which had once been crawling on the grey surface of the rock was now crawling on a bright blue/silver background. when the crabs legs touched the surface it caused the surface to shift and move, the light bouncing off what looked like scales. This caused a rainbow effect to ripple across what he could only assume was a tale and, as his eyes drew upwards he began to realize that he was looking at the most beautiful maiden his eyes had ever seen.
From her  long thick golden hair that passed over her shoulder like a stream of honey, to the freckled dimples in her cheeks, she was perfect.observing he he saw a shadow move behind her and soon saw that sat beside her was an equally beautiful girl, who had the same long thick hair but in a shade of beachy brown,similarly she too had a tale. The blonde picked up the crab and seemed to whisper something to it before dropping it back into the ocean. the girls returned to the light again letting their skin go from a pale translucent white to a golden honey glow tan.As the girls sun bathed he began to see a boat over the horizon. It looked like a fishing trawler, which was indicated to by the large nets being wrenched onto the deck of the boat. The rusty old boat turned and seemed to start to chuck slowly through the water towards the two girls perched on the rock. 
Something about the scene changed. nothing big just subtle changes. the sea seemed to darken and became slightly rougher. The sky went a dark greyish blue as thunderous clouds began to roll in.. Despite this the sun seemed to keep shining on the two girls, who were oblivious to the trawler inching its way towards them. The girls eyes shot open as if sensing the boat and their lips curled into a malicious smile. suddenly the opened their mouths and began to sing. They sang the most beautiful song that he had ever heard, a song so beautiful that you never wanted to hear even the slightest whisper again as it would taint the memory of this beautiful ballad. He observed how their faces shifted from indifference to glee, yet the little boat still chugged on unaffected. their faces dropped and a glean of annoyance appeared on them. Their hair grew wild, their eyes jet black and their beautiful ballads of joy to screeching screams of terror and annoyance. As their mouths were opened wide he observed something he had not seen before, their beautiful  mouths were filled with thousands upon thousands of razor sharp teeth. Yet again this had no effect on the boat.
As it got closer the men on the deck became visible, each with a harpoon in hand. the girls tough exterior faded to fear as the brunette leaped off the rock returning to the ocean. Just as quickly a harpoon split the waves where she had entered the and a small crimson cloud appeared in the water. Slowly several of the men started pulling at the chain, dragging it back onto the trawler. The blonde girl went to jump off the rock, in an attempt to save her friend but was immediately stopped by a harpoon that shot through her tale, lodging itself in the rock she sat on. Unable to move the girl began to wail and scream as loud as she could, though it was impossible for anyone other than himself and the fishermen to hear her and if they could they just ignored it. the men still pulling the chain began shouting loudly in triumph and the girls face dropped to sheer terror, as her friends head bobbed above the surface of the water. he saw that the large harpoon had split through her skull lodging itself in the center of her head. The cloud of blood in the water became a trail as they began dragging her limp lifeless body towards the boat once more. suddenly the men jerked forward as the body became tangled in a patch of seaweed at the base of the large rock.the men yanked harder and harder on the chain but could not free the body. 
From the rock the girl could see that nearly the whole of her friends body had become knotted in the seaweed. She felt the chain of the harpoon wedged in her tale loosen a little as the men that had been yanking at her harpoon relieved the pressure and tied the chain to the boat. Joining the other group of men, they began tugging on the chain once more. Before long and with a deafening crack the head separated from the neck and the rest of the body. In that instant the girl trapped on the stone was covered in blood,she could fell it as it began dripping down her face  and onto her lap, all the while watching the head slowly bobbing towards the boat. 
Suddenly he felt a presence behind him as a large hand came to rest on his shoulder. "Oh, Father! You gave me a fright!" he exclaimed to the priest. " I'm sorry my child, I did not mean to scare you. I simply came to make sure you were ready for your ordination," Father Johnathan replied. "Ah! The Ladies of The Deep, I used to come here too when i was first joining the priesthood,"  He covered his lap with his coat as the Father spoke. "Yes, it's one of my favorites. The colours are beautiful, especially on a day like this!!" It was true, in fact he could safely say that it was his favorite of all the windows in the church. "Well i must be off to ready myself for this afternoon. Don't spend too much longer reflecting though! you don't want to be late.," and with that Father Johnathan left chuckling to himself.
He looked at the window again. The two happy looking mermaids perched on a rock, surrounded by crabs and birds. The gental blue ocean around them, a small fishing boat off in the distance and the bright yellow sun gleeming in the cloudless blue sky. the gental image calmed him. he returned to the sketch pad he had hidden beneth the coat on his lap. Looking again from the window to his drawings he picked up his pencil once more and went back to drawing the blood coating the girl.  

The End

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