You sigh heavily but do as you're told. There is no sense in moaning. She will get her way eventually. You lug your  bag up the stairs, being thankful that you only brought your essentials. You can get away with wearing the same shirt for a few days after all and there would enough time to shop. You shudder at the thought of your mum forcing you to go shopping for clothes. You just hope there won't be any cute girls there or people from the school you're going to go to. How embarrassing would that be? You enter your bedroom and you are surprised to see how much space there is. You will have plenty of room to put up your posters, guitar and art set.

As you are packing you realise that your wardrobe is in a bit of an annoying place. You prefer to put your guitar in that spot and it also happens to be right next to the large windows. You sigh heavily and get ready to move it yourself. As you move it, you realise something strange. A door is hidden behind the wardrobe. Strange... Why would someone want to hide a door? You take in the design of the door. It is bright gold with intricate details of mythical creature, some of them cute, others pretty scary. You wonder where it leads to. Perhaps a study room to put all your art work. Should you open it? The decision is yours.

The End

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