Ch. 2

Ch 2

                “What’s wrong Loki?” asks Elle.                

                “We need to move now!” I said, “ We don’t have much time.

                “How many” asked Thor, guessing the situation from the fear in my voice

                “Three” I said, “And they are coming fast, we’ll never make it back to the entrance.”

                “Close the door and stack some of those beds against it,” Commanded Thor “Maybe it will buy us enough time to come up with a plan.”

                “We could just attack. They would never see it coming. Maybe we could break thru them  and make a run for it.” Jay began, “If we could make it outside we could lose them in the forest.”

                “No, they will clog the hall with drek’s. We would never make it though them.” Replied Elle as she used her abilities to lift several of the beds and stack them in front of the door.

                “For the record, I never wanted to come here.” Said Reuben nervously “I was against this from the beginning.”

                “Your not helping Reuben, we’re here now and what we need to do now is figure out how to survive.” said Thor, taking control of the situation. “That door won’t hold them for long, and when they get thru we are going to have quite a fight on our hands.”

                I could sense them getting closer, the drek’s boots clunking loudly on the stone floor, the noise getting louder and louder until they started pounding on the door.  We all stood in the room, weapons at the ready waiting for the instruments of our death to burst down the door. The pounding became more urgent as their wraith masters urged them on, commanded them to destroy the intruders who killed one of their sisters.

                The door began to splinter, the shock of each blow causing it to quiver, the drek’s grunts loud against the door, their wraith masters commanding them to break down the door and kill the intruders who murdered their new sister. Breaks began to appear in the door, the faces of the once human drek’s appearing momentarily, drool dribbling down their chin, the hollow look in their lifeless eyes showing nothing but the need to rip us limb from limb, to eviscerate us and bathe in the blood that would have formally been corseting thru our veins. Thor walked up to the door and started stabbing at the faces that appeared in the hole, trying to delay the inevitable and possibly take a few more drek’s with us before we died. More holes began appearing in the door, chunks flying in every direction. After a few more minutes the door was reduced to pieces and drek’s started to crawl thru the thin hole in the door, which was being enlarged every second by the rest of the drek’s on the other side.

                Thor flew into action instantly, decapitating the first drek to come within range, but they kept just crawling into the room. It took less than a minute for eight of the creatures to cross our makeshift barricade.

I’m not much of a fighter, so I tried to stay behind my brother, preventing any drek’s from attacking him from the side. I thought we were holding our own, until I realized that several more drek’s had crawled over the barricade. They managed to separate Thor and myself from the others, forcing us to go back to back. We were quickly being overwhelmed by the rushing tide of enemies assaulting us . They fought without concern for their own safety, slashing madly with their weapons. We were losing ground fast, being forced back to the corner of the wall. I slipped on the stone, slick with the blood of several drek’s and went down hard. The only thing that saved me was that the drek’s were too stupid to realize they hadn’t killed me. Thor turned, trying to stave off the onslaught from his flank as well as his front. He fought like a daemon, his blade moving like a whirlwind, slashing, stabbing, and parrying. Thor was always the better at sword play, but even he was just barley staying alive.  

                They were crowding in when several of them dropped dead. I managed to get back to my feet, and retook my position at Thor’s side. Several of the drek’s were trying to crawl back into the hall, I didn’t question our good fortune. We were still being pressed on all sides, but the retreating drek’s gave us more room to move around. We pressed the attack, seeing for the first time a thin shred of hope that we might  survive this battle. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I noted the sounds of battle in the hall, but quickly forgot the momentary distraction as several more of the creatures appeared before me. There were two, the one on the left shoving a knife at my face, I parried, just in time to block an axe from the one on the right. The one on the left slipped on the same patch of blood I did and I dispatched him by stabbing him in the back of the head, earning a deep gash on my leg from the one on the right, who was quickly cut open by Thor who had turned to help. The sounds of battle intensifying in the hall. Several more drek’s had moved back into the hall allowing us to reunite with Elle and Reuben. Jay slipped behind the drek line and began to wreck havoc. Elle stood behind us using her telekinetic powers to knock the feet out from under some of them.

                It was only another minute before all the drek’s were dead. We didn’t kill them, they just sort of screamed and fell over.  The floor was littered with bodies. Thor was panting heavily, his robes cut open and bloody where he had taken a hit during the frenzied attack. It took me a minute to understand the battle was over and the taint had dissipated, despite the fact we hadn’t fought a single wraith.

                A gruff man stepped into the door way and yelled.”I’m glad you’re not dead yet, now I get the pleasure of killing you myself!”

                “Oh crap” sighed Reuben “bring back the horde of drek’s, Please!’  We all got up and stood up as Trainer Grafa walked into the room, his pudgy face and eyes excreting rage.  He, like us, was also wearing the black robes of the Tower, but he had four red stripes over his heart, signifying his rank as an officer. We were acolytes, and as such, only had one stripe.

                He ran his hands thru his short gray balding hair asked “What were you thinking. Your mission was to scout only. You were specifically ordered not to engage.” Trainer Grafa commanded respect despite his shout size, the combination of anger and disappointment in his voice making all of us look away in shame. “I thought I trained you five better than this. All of you disobeyed orders and proved yourselves unworthy of the trust the Tower placed in you.”

                We knew from experience not to answer, long hours running around a track back at the mountain facility taught us to lay low when he got in one of these moods. We also knew we were in a lot of trouble, judging by the pulsating vein on his forehead. No doubt about it, Trainer Grafa was ticked.

The End

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